Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boycotting School Photos!

School pictures are a racket! (in my opinion)  I can't stand paying for photos of my kids before I can even see them, sending them to school looking picture perfect but not knowing what they'll look like by the time their class finally gets to see the photographer, and then dealing with the inevitable "picture retake day."  No thanks!

Because of my school picture hangup, I've really dropped the ball the last couple of years.  So...a couple weeks ago, after getting home from church, we took the kids to our very own backyard and snapped some quick pics.  To my surprise, they actually turned out pretty cute.

Mason - 12 years old, 7th grade

Logan - 10 years old, 5th grade

Brady - 7 years old, 2nd grade

Claire - 4 years old, pre-k

I love these cute little monkeys!  How did I get so lucky?